Easy Steps to Make An Extraordinary DIY Wooden Hut

The first and the most simple step in making a nice pretty hut is to collect all the wooden pieces with which you have to construct the house. Make sure all the wooden bars are clean and not infected with any insects.pallet wood diy hutAmazing Stylish Diy Hut Easy Steps start Now
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The next step that you need to do quite carefully is to take measurements and start constructing a skeleton of the hut. This skeleton including erecting wooden bars onto  a base of wood.

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The third step in making a nice and neat hut is to fill the rectangular base with wooden bars to give it a plain, flat base. Also, attaching smaller wooden bars as a fence at the front side will be a good idea.

Moving on to the next step , all you have to do is to fill the upper front of the structure. But first, you have to make a triangle shape structure on the top. Then fill this triangle shape with more wooden pieces.

Once you are done making the triangular tops of the house you have to move on to fill the sides and start making walls. The walls are made by filling in the spaces with more wooden pieces.

While making the walls and filling in all the spaces with wooden bars and pieces make sure you are hammering all the nails firmly. You must be very careful in hammering the nails as it may cause some injuries while hammering.

The house shaped like a hut must be large enough to fit in a tall human being. You can even test the height as well as the weight it can withstand by standing inside of it.

Once you have checked and tested all the  variations in the hut , now you can continue building it. you can now hammer in more wooden boards to make the floor.

Now that you have filled in all the spaces  and finally built a life size hut made with wooden bars  you can let it rest for all the nails to settle in.

Make sure that the house that you have built has window spaces. These window spaces are smoothened and flattened , for this purpose smaller wooden boards are used to make the windows.

Now that you have made everything in the hut and it is complete you have to check for the balance of this hut  and flatten out the surfaces.

Once you are done with the construction part of the hut you can now move on to painting and decorating to make it more presentable and livable.
The first step in adorning the hut is to choose the color scheme you wish to apply onto the hut to make it look pretty.
Painting the house walls with white paint and painting the window panes, the roof and fence with pink color makes it more attractive than ever.
The next step is to add more intricate details in designing and decorating the house. Painting the hut’s floor with brown paint and polishing it gives a smoother and neater surfaced look.

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