Enthralling Pallet wood Idea For a Toy Horse

A fun time in the park is the best time of a child’s day. The time in which they can play whatever they want, unleash their imagination, make use of toys rides and swings to make up a story in their imagination. To cater and to make their dreams more exciting and to make more zestful to visit the park more and more exhilarating swings and toys must be offered. These thrilling toys include a toy horse. Making this horse a part of a park or a house garden is not a big deal. You can make it yourself too. All you need to do is to make use of some old and some fresh pallets of wood. but, do not forget to cut the wood with precision and give it a ravishing smooth look not to compromise on the durability of the structure.

pallet wood horse toy

Specially cut pallet wood pieces are joined in a unique manner with the help of large round shaped nails to make the back side of a toy horse.

pallet play horse toy2

A flat , smooth piece of wood is cut and fixed in the middles that will act as the seat of the toy horse.

pallet play horse toy4

To make use of old wooden pieces you can recycle them and use them as a basic structure to build a toy horse on.

pallet play horse toy1

The flat wooden piece fixed in the middle before is now coated with fresh pieces of wood to make a smoother and more comfortable seat.

pallet play horse toy6

The head part of the toy horse is made by covering the wooden base with fresh pieces of wooden pallets.

pallet play horse toy6

The entire structure of the toy horse is firmly secured with wooden pallets that makes it durable.

pallet play horse toy5

The toy horse is nicely cut and has a smoother more tidy look by adjusting wooden pallets all over the structure.

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